Stacey and Eric’s wedding bands

September 1, 2014


Custom-made wedding bands for Eric and Stacey.

Eric requested a lava rock inspired band so I looked to lava stones and recreated the texture. Stacey loved the idea of a yin and yang set of stacking bands so her rings nestle together without being soldered together. It was a pleasure to work with two equally creative minds to make their wedding bands which will last them a lifetime.


a Mrs. name necklace request

May 4, 2014

a customer recently requested a Mrs name necklace with capital letters and it was so much fun to make! recently married, she is happily enjoying being a Mrs! it made me think that this would be a clever necklace to wear on the wedding day, after the ceremony.

the grandkid bracelet

June 7, 2013


a few years ago, my mom requested a bracelet with her grandkids names on it. i decided a bracelet with chain would work well since…who knows how many grandkids there will be! it started off with kason and marcus. i recently just added maya.
i draw the script and then hand pierce (saw) each name in sterling silver sheet metal to create their names. 

Custom ring

February 14, 2010

Recently finished this custom made ring and sent it to it’s happy new home! Sizing for ring designs that deviate from the standard circle shape proves to be challenging but they’re also good problem solving projects!

personalized necklaces

January 8, 2010
Custom-made sterling silver necklaces I made for a friends’ nieces
(who have such beautiful names! i love the necklaces together).
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