Location: Connecting People, Connecting Stories

April 15, 2013

“Location: Connecting People, Connecting Stories” is a Kickstarter project that one of my close friends, Jennifer Carland has launched. I met Jenn in graduate school back east and instantly bonded over our passion for reading books, making excursions to Boston, and searching out Indian and Vietnamese food. Our paths crossed in the small town of New Bedford, MA and we have continued our friendship from coast to coast. 
Jenn is an amazing artist, sculptor, and metalsmith who has the ability to combine personal and social issues within her work. She has personally been through so much and I am constantly amazed by her strength. This project will help to commemorate the life of her late brother Justin. Please support her project to create abstracted maps inspired by the travels of Justin and, in return, you can receive a beautifully abstracted map that reminds you of your own travels, experiences, and memories.