May 6, 2015


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Stacey and Eric’s wedding bands

September 1, 2014


Custom-made wedding bands for Eric and Stacey.

Eric requested a lava rock inspired band so I looked to lava stones and recreated the texture. Stacey loved the idea of a yin and yang set of stacking bands so her rings nestle together without being soldered together. It was a pleasure to work with two equally creative minds to make their wedding bands which will last them a lifetime.


Location: Connecting People, Connecting Stories

April 15, 2013

“Location: Connecting People, Connecting Stories” is a Kickstarter project that one of my close friends, Jennifer Carland has launched. I met Jenn in graduate school back east and instantly bonded over our passion for reading books, making excursions to Boston, and searching out Indian and Vietnamese food. Our paths crossed in the small town of New Bedford, MA and we have continued our friendship from coast to coast. 
Jenn is an amazing artist, sculptor, and metalsmith who has the ability to combine personal and social issues within her work. She has personally been through so much and I am constantly amazed by her strength. This project will help to commemorate the life of her late brother Justin. Please support her project to create abstracted maps inspired by the travels of Justin and, in return, you can receive a beautifully abstracted map that reminds you of your own travels, experiences, and memories. 

‘Geometry and Friends’

March 25, 2013

‘Geometry and Friends’ is a group exhibition at the Huntington Beach Art Center with works by Antonio Beecroft, John Dembski, April Kawaoka, Daniel Man, James Melinat, Christine Nguyen, Pam Posey, Andre Woodard, and Michael Wysong. 
March 16 – April 6, 2013

April Kawaoka
April Kawaoka
April Kawaoka
April Kawaoka

April Kawaoka

Antonio Beecroft

Christine Nguyen
Christine Nguyen
James Melinat

‘Scientific Technologies & the Natural World’ at Ontario Airport in CA from September 2012 thru August 2013

March 15, 2013
Airport terminal view
Airport terminal view
Christine Nguyen
Christine Nguyen
Christine Nguyen
April Kawaoka
April Kawaoka
April Kawaoka
April Kawaoka
The past summer of 2012, I had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with an incredible artist and friend, Christine Nguyen. ‘Scientific Technologies and the Natural World’ is the result, which is on display at the Ontario Airport in California in Terminals 2 & 4 through this August 2013. 
For the press release: http://www.lawa.org/newsContent.aspx?ID=1666

time to support japan

April 2, 2011

after japan’s march 2011 earthquakes and tsunami, friends and family were contacted to make sure everyone was safe and sound. i began to think about how to help from so far away and what are things that i can do.
so in support of japan’s relief efforts, i designed these brass, nickel, and sterling silver items that half of the profits will be donated to the american red cross.
please see them in my etsy shop and thank you for your support.

branching out

February 25, 2011

the first “branching out” necklace was made out of 14K yellow gold as a birthday gift for my sister. she had requested a small gold pendant that could easily be worn every day…with all of life’s hectic moments, hiking, and kids! it’s always fun to work on new designs with a specific goal in mind.

the lil gold pendant was just so cute that i then proceeded to make a sterling silver one and then another larger antiqued one too!
i will continue to make them and they’ll be in my etsy shop!


February 21, 2011

a customer on Etsy recently requested a custom-made, personalized necklace featuring the initials A, L, A of her children. it’s always a pleasure to design and fabricate a piece of jewelry that holds meaning for the wearer and will continue to exist long after it leaves my hands!
thanks, lisa, for giving me the opportunity to make your necklace! hope you’re enjoying it!

this necklace has the tiniest letters i have made so far, measuring 1 cm by 1 cm.

the egg & the eye

February 3, 2011

this past january, the Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM) launched their curated boutique website The Egg & The Eye. it’s a beautiful site with wonderful goods and i’m happy to be a part of it! the descriptions of artists, processes, and inspirations are thoughtful and fun to read. you can find me under the Featured Artists section.


January 2, 2011

the new year is upon us. as i celebrated with loved ones and practiced traditional acts of good luck. i then began to wonder about the significance of this time of the year, which i found to be very interesting…

the month of January is named after Janus, the Roman god whose two heads face in opposite directions, thus signifying a reflection of the past year and the future to come. Janus’ name stems from the latin root, ianua, meaning doors and so Janus is the god of doors and passageways, which symbolizes beginnings and ends.

during this transitional time of the year, a poetic term coined ‘negative capability’ by John Keats is appropriate, where he describes living your life with confidence and happiness while accepting that it is filled with uncertainty.